CodeFutures Launches dbShards to Dramatically Increase the Reliability and Scalability of Open Source Databases

Strategic Partnership with RightScale Brings Benefits
of Database Sharding to the Cloud

LOUISVILLE, Colo. – April 20, 2009 – CodeFutures Corporation, empowering enterprises to “share nothing, shard everything,” today announced the launch of dbShards, the first-of-its-kind solution that provides open source databases with the scalability and reliability associated with high-end commercial products at a fraction of the cost. CodeFutures also today announced its strategic partnership with RightScale®, Inc., the leader in cloud computing management, to bring all the benefits and reliability of database sharding to the cloud.

With the tremendous growth in transaction volume and size of open source databases, enterprises have struggled with limited scalability and performance and cumbersome high-availability configurations – challenges that today’s businesses need to resolve to stay financially and competitively viable. Traditionally, IT was forced to implement clustering and shared storage to meet these needs – an extremely costly option with limited effectiveness. Database sharding is a “shared-nothing” partitioning scheme that solves these problems by enabling new levels of scalability and reliability. Simply put, sharding can be compared to a broken glass – breaking down a database into smaller pieces called “shards” and distributing them across a number commodity servers or cloud-based servers. CodeFuture’s dbShards is the first commercially available sharding solution of its kind – empowering enterprises with faster, easier-to-manage and cost-effective open source databases.

“We are basing all our future technology plans on the dbShards solution in a cloud environment,” said Ken Lovett, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), FreeIQ, an online community where streaming video is used to share knowledge and information with others. “CodeFutures allows us to have cost-effective, continuous operation and scalability for our user-generated and transaction-based applications. As FreeIQ continues to grow, so will our databases – but with dbShards, we don’t have to worry that our performance, reliability or scalability won’t be able to keep up.”

CodeFutures’ strategic partnership with RightScale will bring advanced enterprise database capabilities, including “active-active” operation, automated failover, sharding support, scalability and ease of maintenance, to RightScale’s automated cloud management platform without the need to take production databases offline. The dbShards solution allows for unprecedented reliability and near-linear database scalability for mixed-use Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) databases, using a variety of techniques from simple load balancing to advanced database sharding.

“RightScale’s cloud computing management platform and CodeFutures’ dbShards solution offer enterprises an answer for the common challenge of database reliability and scalability,” said Thorsten von Eicken, CTO and founder, RightScale. “By combining cloud computing and database sharding technology, users will have a scalable, cost-effective way to manage and control their database applications on the cloud.”

“It is a constant problem for architects, developers and system administrators to maintain the availability and response times of mission-critical systems as open source databases grow,” said Cory Isaacson, CEO, CodeFutures. “This challenge drives the need for database sharding. Our dbShards solution is not constrained by the typical limitations of more traditional methods like home-grown solutions, high-cost clusters and unreliable master-slave replication, but rather it provides users with a virtually unlimited way to manage scalability and ensure that enterprise databases are highly available.”

About CodeFutures

CodeFutures Corporation is the premier provider of database performance tools that dramatically increase scalability and performance. Embracing the innovative database sharding methodology, a “shared-nothing” partitioning scheme, the company’s dbShards solution provides a highly scalable approach to improving the throughput and overall performance of high-transaction, database-centric business applications. To learn more about the Louisville, Colo.-based company and its solutions, visit .

CodeFutures: Shared Nothing. Shard Everything.

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