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AgilData Hosts Big Data Meetup: Return Path and Qubole Big Data Use Cases

Updated: Sep 22

AgilData is sponsoring the Denver/Boulder Big Data Meetup on October 20, 2016 with Evan Harris from Return Path and Ashish Dubey from Qubole. This meetup will be held at:

Galvanize Boulder 1023 Walnut Street Boulder, CO (map)

Evan Harris from Return Path and Ashish Dubey from Qubole are back to present a real-world case study for utilizing Presto for fast & high-performance queries against large datasets.


6:00 – 6:30 – Socialize over food and drink 6:30 – 6:45 – Announcements, Upcoming Events 6:45 – 8:30 – Return Path and Qubole Big Data Use Cases Presentation 8:30 – ??? – Continued socializing

About the Presentation

Evan Harris will provide an overview of how he and his team utilize Presto to provide business-driving product insights as well as ensure data quality using Presto on top of massive amounts of ever-growing big data sources. Further, he’ll explain how he utilizes Qubole, a big data platform tool that sits on top of cloud services, to create scalable, resource-optimized clusters capable of handling dynamic workloads. Evan will go over how data is aggregated and transformed using Hive and then shift to the ad hoc capabilities and benefits of running Presto based querying on the Qubole platform, as well as machine learning and modeling in Spark, all on top of the exact same data all living in S3.

Additionally, Ashish Dubey from Qubole will discuss some deeper insights into Presto use-cases and benchmarks on Presto’s performance in the cloud, focusing on new ways in which analytics teams can consume read and analyze data. With a focus on hyper-agility and flexibility, the cloud provides companies a mechanism to keep up with change and stay competitive in today’s world of fast-moving technology. Ashish will review and evaluate deployments of big data solutions in the cloud vs. on-premises: When should you use Presto? How scalable is your infrastructure, up or down? And what are some insights into performance against other in-memory engines like SparkSQL?

About Evan Harris

Evan Harris is a Data Analyst at Return Path with 5 years of industry experience working with large amounts of data and the distributed computing necessary to analyze it. After a few years working in quantitative finance, Evan joined Return Path to work in their Consumer Insights business line. There he builds both engineering and machine learning solutions for ensuring data quality, as well as for creating and maintaining data features to enhance customer experience.

About Ashish Dubey

Ashish Dubey is a Solutions Architect at Qubole with about 12 years of industry experience in various technology domains. Prior to Qubole, Ashish has spent four years at Microsoft where he contributed on the Windows XP OS development. Later he worked for Teradata’s consulting division and built several large scale BI/Big Data systems for some of the Fortune 500 clients in different industry verticals like finance, healthcare, retail and multimedia. For the last 2.5 years, Ashish has been helping Qubole customers build large scale data solutions with technologies like Spark, Hadoop, Presto, etc.