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DevOps Consulting Capabilities

As the need for automation widens across business and IT operations, we’re here to help you make every IT services process more intelligent, freeing up teams to focus on the important issues and accelerate innovation.

Having these concerns?

Configurations of development, testing, and production environments are not aligned

Errors on release affecting user or customer experience (or business operations)

Infrastructure modifications, software updates, and bug fixes are very time consuming

IT infrastructure feels like a slow manual process

Insufficient testing automation causing a slow and inefficient process

There is little to no collaboration between the development, testing, system admin, and security teams, resulting in painfully slow software delivery and quality

If so... then we need to talk. Schedule a consultation here

A few of the skills our DevOps consultants are well versed in:


- Amazon Web Services (AWS)

- Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

- Microsoft Azure (Azure)

Containerization Tools

- Docker

- Kubernetes

- Apache Mesos

- Docker Swarm

- Nomad

- And more...

Infrastructure Automation Tools

- Terraform

- Ansible

- Puppet

- Chef

- Packer

- And more...

CI/CD Tools

- Jenkins

- Bamboo

- AWS CodeBuild

- AWS CodeCommit

- AWS CodeDeploy

- And more...



- Oracle

- PostgreSQL

- MongoDB

- Redshift

- And more...

Monitoring Tools

- Splunk

- Naigos

- Elastic Stack

- Kibana

- Logstash

- And more...

Scripting Languages

- Python

- PowerShell

- Go

- Yaml

- Bash

- And more...

Test Automation

- Apache JMeter

- Selenium

- Unified Function Testing (UFT)

- QuickTest Professional (QTP)

- Appium

- And more...